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Hope Puzzles LLC

Van Gogh - Naked Edition

Van Gogh - Naked Edition

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Piece Count: 476

Dimensions: 13" x 16.25"

EC: Extremely Challenging

For those who want a true challenge, we made a version of our Van Gogh puzzle with no image on it - both sides are natural wood.

Puzzle Design by Sam O. White

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Hope Puzzles Difficulty Chart

Less Challenging (LC): Larger pieces (1.5" - 2"+), fewer pieces, suitable for all age groups

Challenging (C): Medium size pieces (1"+), often bright colors, crisp image, 100-250 pieces

Moderately Challenging (MC): Medium size pieces (3/4" - 1"), multiple piece whimseys, 250+ pieces

Very Challenging (VC): small size pieces (1/2" - 3/4"), often old images, often much of an image has a large area with same color, 400+ pieces

Extremely Challenging (EC): smaller size pieces (1/2"), 550+ pieces, repetitive pattern image or muted image colors, complex pieces

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