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Artwork by Richard Whitten

Piece Count: 178

Dimensions: 14.75" x 10.5"

Level: Beginner

Puzzle Design by Sam O. White

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About The Puzzle

“L’Observatoire” (The Observatory)
Oil on Wood Panel, 92.25" x 66.25", 2008

Richard Whitten, a Professor of Painting at Rhode Island College, has concentrated on making images of imagined architecture and imagined machines on meticulously crafted shaped but flat wooden panels. All the sense of three-dimensionality is painted illusion! A viewer’s experience of his actual paintings is much like your experience of your puzzle!

“L’Observatoire” (The Observatory) focuses on a spiral staircase that winds up a tower for observing the skies or down into an alchemist’s laboratory. A wind-up mouse quietly observes you from his hole. Are you the alchemist, or is he?

Our design is inspired by the painter’s love of intricate machines and the painter’s invitation to the viewer to propel these machines into motion. The whimseys in this cut design feature curious scientists and equally curious mice all witnessing and participating in a puzzle-wide Rube Goldberg machine. The whimseys of this machine correspond to many of the objects found in Whitten’s painting. Attentive puzzlers will note that one of Whitten’s airships makes an appearance here. Very attentive puzzlers will also notice that this machine has a very specific purpose. We’re not saying what it is, but let us know if you solve the mystery.

Courtesy of the Artist