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Hope Puzzles LLC

Fish of Rhode Island

Fish of Rhode Island

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Artwork by Matt Castigliego

Piece Count: 211

Dimensions: 21.5" x 10.75"

C: Challenging

Puzzle Design by Sam O. White

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About The Puzzle

"The diversity of life in Narragansett Bay and the waters around Rhode Island is a wonder and something to be honored. Here I’ve pieced together public domain engravings from various 19th century American type foundries, along with several of my original drawings. The images start as black and white line art. I then add color in Photoshop. It was challenging and enjoyable fitting the images together into an aesthetically pleasing composition." -- Matt Castigliego

Our design for this puzzle is a meditation on how Rhode Islanders interact with their seashore. The whimsey pieces in this design were modeled to complement the outline of the striped bass, with a compound whimsy piece of the Newport Bridge (note that the puzzle tabs in this piece are shaped like cars) fit within the dorsal fin and the Prudence Island Lighthouse in the Caudal fin. The design also features compound whimsey pieces of a Gaspee ship’s cannon, a fishing kayak, and a lobster boat hauling up traps.

Hope Puzzles Difficulty Chart

Less Challenging (LC): Larger pieces (1.5" - 2"+), fewer pieces, suitable for all age groups

Challenging (C): Medium size pieces (1"+), often bright colors, crisp image, 100-250 pieces

Moderately Challenging (MC): Medium size pieces (3/4" - 1"), multiple piece whimseys, 250+ pieces

Very Challenging (VC): small size pieces (1/2" - 3/4"), often old images, often much of an image has a large area with same color, 400+ pieces

Extremely Challenging (EC): smaller size pieces (1/2"), 550+ pieces, repetitive pattern image or muted image colors, complex pieces

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