Heirloom Quality

Here at Hope Puzzles, we make our puzzles with your satisfaction in mind. We use top quality materials in order to ensure that our puzzles will inspire people for many generations. 

We use custom plywood with hardwood veneers, manufactured only for our use. At ¼ of an inch, our pieces are thicker than most other wooden jigsaw puzzles, resulting in more durable and longer lasting puzzles, with a more satisfactory sensory experience when putting pieces together.

Made With Care

We use the latest laser cutting technology to ensure clean cuts. Our designs are cut into the puzzle wood with utmost laser precision, ensuring a tight piece fit. 

Puzzles are carefully handled before being cut to remove sawdust and imperfections. After the cutting, they are disassembled piece by piece and boxed—all by hand, and with the greatest care. We approximate that each puzzle is made with a minimum of 80 touches of the hand; truly “hand-made.” 

Optimal Experience

We use unique and sometimes commissioned images for our puzzles, chosen for their vibrant colors and intriguing detail and depth.

We use premium products which ensure the image is moisture resistant, of archival quality, and UV protected. We hope to create a jigsaw puzzle experience you’ll want to repeat and share with family and friends!

A Bit of Luck!

We include a wheat penny in every puzzle box—for Good Luck, of course… Although jigsaw puzzles were first created in the 1700s, for 200 years they were mostly used as an educational toy for children to learn geography. It wasn’t until around 1900 when puzzle makers began to design puzzles with smaller pieces, which made them more difficult and more appealing to adults. This kicked off the first great era of jigsaw puzzles, known as the “1909 era”. Coincidentally, the wheat penny, or Lincoln cent, was produced from 1909 to 1958. To celebrate the first great era of jigsaw puzzles and to add a little nostalgia, we toss one in each box!