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Inverted Jenny - Travel Puzzle

Inverted Jenny - Travel Puzzle

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Design by Clair Aubrey Houston

Piece Count: 153

Dimensions: 9.25" x 8.25"

Level: Intermediate

Puzzle Design by Sam O. White

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Hope Travel Puzzles - Inverted Jenny

After much thought and experimenting, we are proud to present Hope Travel Puzzles - a new line of puzzles for our dissectologist friends. Travel puzzles are smaller in size but offer just as much enjoyment when assembling.

We’d like to introduce Inverted Jenny, our first travel puzzle. Our inaugural puzzle will have philatelists on the edge of their seats! The image is of the storied 1913 24-cent stamp which celebrated the first delivery of mail using an aeroplane; a Curtiss Jenny JN-4HM biplane -- but the second layer was accidentally printed upside down. Only one sheet of 100 stamps made it through unnoticed - at least three misprinted sheets were found and destroyed during production.

Thus the upside-down stamps became one of the most famous errors and coveted collectibles in American philately. A block of four Inverted Jenny stamps was valued at $2.7 million in 2005!

As a bonus we’ve included an extra puzzle for you to discover! We hope you enjoy what we’ve created.