Whimsey - noun

whim·sey | wĭm′zē

In the “old days” of puzzling when wooden puzzles were cut by hand using a coping saw or jigsaw, often the cutter would cut character pieces “on a whim.” These whimsey pieces would often reflect the puzzle image, and their legacy continues on in our puzzles!

Whimsey Pieces

Each of our puzzles has a unique cut design which includes a multitude of “whimsey” pieces. Whimsey pieces are puzzle pieces designed specifically in the shape of an object or organism which relates to the puzzle image. These whimseys makes our puzzles unique, by not only including a puzzle challenge, but also a deeper level “story” design. Whimseys add fun, creativity, and enjoyment to our puzzles.

The More the Merrier!

Whimseys can be "stand-alone" single pieces or very complex multi-piece designs—and every variation in between! Sometimes we include a few reversible whimseys which can be assembled upside down to contrast the puzzle image or show engraved details on the reverse side. Each puzzle design and whimsey piece is hand drawn by our puzzle artists—no two pieces or designs are alike! We try to make sure that each puzzle contains at least 25% whimseys.