Rhode Island Roots

Everything from our name to our packaging is a nod to Rhode Island, the state that company founder Jerauld Adams has called home his entire life. 

Our puzzles are designed and created in a historic mill building in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This mill building has been manufacturing goods for over 140 years! Pawtucket, and Rhode Island in general, is known for promoting, recognizing and supporting creative people—creative artists like us!

A Nod to the Past

Our signature puzzle piece tabs resemble waves in the spirit of the Ocean State. Our company’s name, “Hope", is the motto of the State of Rhode Island. Our packaging uses the historic color “Newport Blue,” and our logo font is over 100 years old—Goudy Bookletter from 1911.

Signature Piece

Each Hope Puzzle contains our signature puzzle piece: an anchor shape with the word "HOPE" engraved on it. The anchor has been used as a symbol of Rhode Island since the state's founding in 1636.

Rhode Island Based Puzzles