Custom Puzzles

11/15/22 - We now offer custom puzzles!

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Wedding Photo

File Resolution & Format

You must own the copyright of your image. Attach an image that is at least 1MB in size and email it to We accept .TIFF, .PDF and .JPG file formats.

Is It Going To Make A Good Puzzle?

Does your image have a range of colors? Different patterns and textures? Too much ocean or sky can make a puzzle really difficult to complete. Too much white makes the cut lines stand out and takes away from your puzzle image. For a really awesome custom puzzle, pick an image with a range of colors, a balance of composition, and entertaining subject matter.

You must own the copyright of your image or have permission to use the image!

Choose a Cut Design (More designs coming soon!)

    Depending on the orientation of your image, we will use a portrait or landscape cut design that corresponds to your cut design choice.


    The cost of one custom 11" x 13.75" puzzle is $150

    Additional copies of the same puzzle are $110 each.

    For questions or to move forward with your purchase, email with your:

    1. Contact Information
    2. Shipping Address
    3. Photo (At least 1 MB)
    4. Cut Design Choice
    5. Quantity
    6. Box Label Text (You can customize up to two lines of text)

    Once we approve your image, we'll email you a custom link to pay for your puzzle!