What Makes us Unique?

What Makes us Unique?

Hope Puzzles creates heirloom quality wooden jigsaw puzzles with unique whimsey piece designs that often tell a “story within the story” of each puzzle image.

  • We use custom-made 1/4” plywood with hardwood veneers.
  • Our designs are cut into the puzzle wood with utmost precision, ensuring a tight piece fit.
  • Each puzzle design and whimsey piece is hand drawn by our puzzle artists; no two pieces are alike.
  • We approximate that each puzzle is made with a minimum of 80 touches of the hand; truly “hand-made.”
  • Each puzzle is made to intrigue & delight.
  • Our signature jigsaw piece is an anchor shape with the word “HOPE” engraved on it.

You’ll get one of these in every puzzle:

  • Our signature tab resembles a wave, a nod to Our Rhode Island roots. Rhode Island, after all, is the Ocean State.
  • Our name “Hope” is the motto of the State of Rhode Island. The color blue we use for our packaging is a historic “Newport Blue” and the font we use for our logo is over 100 years old - Goudy Bookletter from 1911.
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